Monday, December 28, 2009



alhamdulillah.. jz few days more to the new year begin. 2010.. even the Maal Hijrah was oredi came earlierlast week.. heeehe..

insyaAllah... more new hopes n prays n wishes i plan, and will work on it nest year.. i will live meaningfully as if i only have a year to live.. huhuhu..

first of all, try to forget my worst ever life tht happen to me this year.. uhuhu... forget it n start new life... so then i create my new whole life..

i want a hepi life.. i want a meanigful life.. i want a real life n keep my syukran to allah to keep me alive... be real... apreciate wat i have..

oleh sbb itu, saya memlilih utk create hdp yg saya nak..
nme yg cantik dan indah mknanya: aisya shafiyya (will b my pena name for 2010)
tema hidup: Menjadi BAIK bukn Mencari BAIK
Mencari SYIFA' dan Menjadi SYIFA'
tema activities : 2010 with nature
~ going to enjoy explore the malaysian nature beauty
~will traveling a lot...
love n relation : will love everyone who love Allah n loving me coz of Him..
new job : 1) a full time journalist- bout love, life,culture n nature..
~nk siapkan a mini diaries novel-all about love
~nk publish few papers for Geology
~ nk wat journal for Malay culture espcialy on the arts
~write something on malaysia's natureeeeeee.. weeeee
2) ....-stil thinking...
dats all yg mmpu terukir di benak kala ini... will update tomoro la.. hehe

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